The gift of perspective this Mother’s Day

As a mom of two, one of the best gifts I can give my children is perspective. Traveling, volunteering in our community, living in a diverse neighborhood, and having friends from different backgrounds.

Many of you have met my daughter Hope who helps me at KGSA events. She’s visited the school twice and loves it as much as I do. After our recent family trip to Kenya, she wrote this poem.

Enjoy this gift of perspective through the eyes of a 13-year-old girl. May we all see the joy in the small things this Mother’s Day weekend,


by Hope Troyer

Kids playing with plastic bag soccer balls, yoyos and bouncy ball

Adults cooking up an array of tastes and smells Chapati, Sukuma, Ugali

Markets lining the streets selling a variety of goods

Toothbrushes, shoes and backpacks

Music playing Swahili, English and tribal languages speaking 

Boda-Boda’s running 

Red dirt, tin roofs and concrete slabs

Safaricom signs speaking

Mama Sylvia’s shop

Girls returning from school with the knowledge they’ve earned

Nairobi’s skyline, over Nairobi National Park 

A million little things all put together

for a