Why Girls?

The Girl Effect is a movement. It’s about leveraging the unique potential of girls to end poverty for themselves, their families, their communities, their countries, and the world. 

The Numbers Speak for Themselves
130 Million

Girls between the ages of 6 and 17 are out of school, according to UNESCO.​​

9 of the top 10

Most difficult nations for girls to be educated are in Sub-Saharan Africa.​

15 Million

Primary school-aged girls will likely never enter a classroom in their lifetime​.

Behind these hard numbers are very real girls each with individual passions, talents, and goals that are seeking the support necessary to reach their full potential. KGSA is privileged to get to know these girls on a personal level to invest in their success. Current students like Hilda and alumnae Melgriffin and Zahara are a sample of the amazing young women at KGSA. 

Trivia, KGSA Senior

Trivia and her twin sister are both seniors at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy. They and their younger sister are raised by their single mums since their dad passed away a few years ago. They live in a humble home filled with love about a ten minute walk from the school. Their mother was so grateful when Trivia and her twin moved into the dormitory. Yes, she misses them, but it’s two less mouths to feed. She knows they are getting an excellent education and being well cared for.

Trivia has a beautiful voice and performs at all the school ceremonies. She participates in the Catering Club and enjoys acting and dancing. Her favorite subject is religion and her favorite food is fried chicken.

“KGSA gives girls the opportunity to learn and be in different clubs and attain new skills that will ensure we are equipped after graduating high school.” My dream is to build homes for orphans in the future.”



Sylvia, Current Junior

Sylvia is the second youngest in a family of eight. She heard about KGSA from her brother who was living in Kibera.  She was so happy to move from up-country to Kibera to pursue a high school education. She was very bright, but her family didn’t have the funds to send her to school.  

Sylvia has excelled at KGSA, performing in the top three of her class and leading her teammates on the soccer team. Her favorite subjects are math and physics. She participates in the Computer Club and wants to be an engineer in the future. 

“Thank you to a ll the supporters in the USA who are making my education possible. I love studying, I love living in the dorm. KGSA is my family.’

Sylvia Kemunto

Zahara, Class of 2020

“The pandemic occurred during my senior year at KGSA. It was difficult, but my classmates and I preservered. I graduated first in my class and won a full scholarship from Global Give Back Circle to pursue a Bachelor of Education from Maseno University. 

My favorite thing about KGSA is that it feels like home. We are one big family that supports each other. I enjoy coming back to KGSA to mentor the younger girls. My dream is to teach at KGSA one day like my role model Madame Dalifa who graduated from KGSA and now teaches math and science at the school.

Zahara will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Maseno University in 2025! 

Alumna Honor Roll

The KGSA Foundation is proud to share some of our graduates’ success stories. Educating girls, changes the world! 

Mercy participated in the Tailoring Club all four years at KGSA and is a talented seamstress. She completed a six month fashion design program at Passion to Share Foundation in Kibera. Mercy modeled the dresses she designed for her graduation ceremony from vocational school.
Class of 2022
Asha received her Bachelor’s in Journalism from Moi University and currently works as a freelance journalist, producer, and social activist. She has been featured in NYT and National Geographic and has worked for Clear Water Productions and the Foreign Correspondents’ Association of East Africa. Her awards include the Haller Prize for Development Journalism and the Africans Rising Activist of the Year.
Class of 2011
Irene is studying to be an emergency medical technician at Kenya Medical Training College in Nairobi. Her KGSA experience was impacted but he pandemic. She looks forward to helping when the next health crisis hits her country.
Class of 2021
Elsa is passionate about public health. She graduated from Kenyatta University in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health. She received a first class honor, which is the highest score in university. She is hoping to find a job where she can give back to her community and improve the lives of women and children in Kibera.
Class of 2018
Dalifa earned her Bachelor’s in Education from Maseno University in 2017 and joined the KGSA staff as a math and chemistry teacher soon after. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Planning from the University of Nairobi in the future. Dalifa is beloved by her students teaching math and chemistry at KGSA. Dalifa is an adored teacher and proud mom to a toddler daughter.
Class of 2012
Naima grew up in Kibera and graduated from KGSA in 2016. Years later she returned to the school to work as a librarian managing books and the E-readers in the new study area for students.
Class of 2016
Radhiya is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism from the University of Nairobi. After graduating from KGSA, she received college scholarships from both Girl's Voices and the Global Gives Back Circle. As a KGSA student, she won the courage category of the Girl's Voices challenge, an international video competition for girls around the world.
Class of 2019
After graduating from KGSA in 2018, Josephine pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and Mathematics and Business from the University of Nairobi. She completed her student internship at KGSA who was delighted to hire her as soon as she graduated from college in 2023. “Excellence be my heartbeat in whatever I give myself to do. It’s an honor to be impacting and inspiring future generations of KGSA girls.”
Class of 2018
After graduating from KGSA, Istabua enrolled in a Media Training Course. She works as an editor and on the camera crew for Africa 24 Media. As a KGSA student, she won The Best CEO in Nairobi Award from Junior Achievement.
Class of 2013
Lynn went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology. In addition, she completed programs in Graphic and Web Design at Nairobits and in Business and Information and Communications Technology at IAT. She and her husband Edgar work as house parents for Visible Grace, a non-profit that cares for orphans in rural Kenya.They have two children.
Class of 2011
Khadija obtained a diploma in graphics design and entrepreneurship from AkiraChix in 2017. Since then she has served as KGSA's social media manager telling the schools important story through photos and videos. She's a proud mom to a toddler girl and loves supporting the soccer team.
Class of 2015
After graduating from KGSA, Beatrice graduated from the University of Nairobi with honors. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Marketing. Beatrice is currently working in marketing supporting herself, her sister and her nephew. The #girleffect full circle!
Class of 2012