Flooding in Kenya

You may have heard that Kenya is experiencing high rains. Parts of the country including Nairobi and Kibera are flooding. At least 103 people have died and thousands have been displaced from their homes. Thankfully, the school and the surrounding neighborhood of Makina are on high ground and not impacted. 

I’m in close contact with Director Claris, who is monitoring the situation. So far none of the KGSA students nor staff have reported flooding near their homes. We hope it stays that way. Claris has been working with other organizations to support individuals in Kibera that have been affected by this natural disaster. We applaud her community-minded leadership. 

Floods are devastating in Kibera, because there are no proper sanitation systems. Streams quickly turn into dangerous polluted floodwaters sweeping away footbridges, homes, shops, and people. Flooding contaminates water sources and increases the chance of waterborne diseases such as Hepatitis A and cholera. After the water recedes, trash and debris are left behind. Here are some ways that KGSA is already working to mitigate flooding problems

  1. The school safely and responsibly disposes of its waste. The dormitory’s plumbing is connected to Nairobi County sewer lines and KGSA pays for rubbish service. 
  2. The new classroom building will have a proper drainage system. 
  3. Clean drinking water is delivered to the school. 
  4. Every student receives free health care and free sanitary pads. 
  5. KGSA has water catchment tanks to reuse rainwater. 

This is all possible because YOU have invested in the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy over the years. Thank YOU for caring about girls in Kibera. We could not do this important work without YOU. 

Unfortunately, extreme weather patterns and flooding are only going to get worse with climate change. We are committed to working with the school leadership to ensure KGSA continues to care for the whole girl, rain or shine.