Meet the Women Behind KGSA

Happy International Women’s Day,

When Abdul Kassim opened the first free high school for girls in Kenya in 2006, he only had two volunteer teachers. Flash forward 17 years and the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy has grown to 28 paid staff members! 

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some of the incredible women in Kenya and the USA working hard behind the scenes to keep KGSA running smoothly. Read on to meet the women behind the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy!


What do you do at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy: My major responsibility is to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day activities in the school for both teachers and the 150 girls we serve. Besides administration work, I also enjoy teaching history and religious education.

What are you reading?: Dr. Ben Carson is my favorite author. His books Think Big and Gifted Hand are a masterpiece. His success story has greatly inspired me to be resilient and committed in everything I do. Indeed there is no dream that is too big to achieve in life irrespective of your gender or background.

MEET LATIFAH, KGSA Dormitory Matron

What do you do at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy: I assist young adolescent girls from diverse and challenging backgrounds in terms of personal self-care, hygiene, and mentorship. The girls need proper preparation for the outside world that awaits them.

What is your favorite holiday? The Day of the African Child is my favorite holiday. This day stands out for me, because I hold child empowerment so close to my heart. The Day of the African Child is celebrated to commemorate the black school children who died in the Soweto uprising in South Africa standing up for their right to a quality education during apartheid. 


What do you do at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy: I am the laboratory assistant at KGSA. I assist the science teachers during practical lessons in the lab and I also teach physical education. Working at KGSA is great because there is teamwork which helps each one of us to be able to achieve our goals. 

What’s a fun fact that people don’t know about you? I love fashion. I aspire to become a modest fashion stylist. Modest does not imply unstylish or ugly. I believe modest fashion is confidence, elegance, and grace. 

MEET ANNE, Vice Chair of the KGSA Foundation

What do you do at the KGSA Foundation: I’ve been supporting KGSA since I first volunteered there as a physics teacher back in 2008. As Vice Chair, I help the Executive Director fundraise. I’m also the lead board member working to improve the STEM curriculum at KGSA. 

How many pets do you have?: Is that a trick question? My fiance Dan and I almost always have a foster dog or two. In addition, our cats Milo and Strudel and dogs Ullie and Riley are our furever pets.