A Dose of Sunshine

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear the news, things are feeling hard. 

It’s important to recognize and acknowledge that it’s not just you – things are especially challenging right now.
That’s why I wanted to bring some sunshine into your inbox today.

Irene graduated from KGSA in 2021. She recently returned to the school in her new uniform to tell her former teachers that she’s studying to be an emergency medical technician. Wow – proud moment for the whole KGSA community

Seeing Irene’s face beaming with pride brings me such joy. Her senior year at KGSA was DIFFICULT. That was the year we lost her classmate Cynthia to gender-based violence. That was the year the girls didn’t perform as well as they had hoped on the national exams. That was the year of the pandemic. 

And yet, here is Irene rising above all the past challenges. She is choosing a career path that will help others. When a future health crisis hits, Irene will be on the front lines to aid her community. And she couldn’t have done it without a high school education. 

Thanks to people like you, KGSA has now graduated 412 girls since the school opened in 2006. We appreciate you and your commitment to girls like Irene.

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