Will you accept this rose?

Happy Valentine’s Day, 

Have you ever played Rose, Bud, Thorn?

It’s a fun activity to celebrate love and friendship. Each person shares their “rose” (a positive in their lives), their “bud” (something they are looking forward to in the near future), and their “thorn” (a challenge they’re facing). The KGSA girls loved playing it. 

I thought today would be perfect to share their responses with you! 

Her Rose: I played my first high school soccer tournament in new cleats….Thanks to the skill clubs, I can now stand in front of people and express myself. It has been 2 weeks and my confidence is really improving….Since I joined KGSA, I do not have to worry about my monthly periods since I get free sanitary towels. 

Her Bud: I am looking forward to becoming a very good editor before the year ends….I would love another opportunity to meet the kind people who are making so many girls’ dreams a reality by supporting KGSA….I would love to get good grades since this is my final year at KGSA.

Her Thorn: What comes after KGSA…..The unemployment rate for Kenyan youth ages 15-30 is a staggering 50%. KGSA’s after-school clubs teach critical skills like catering, sewing, hairdressing, photography, business and technology. These important programs along with our college scholarship fund help KGSA graduates compete in the Kenyan job market.

We couldn’t do any of this without you and we are beyond thankful for the love and support you show us every single day.

Enjoy this  special Valentine’s Day song from the KGSA girls.