Celebrating Outstanding Teachers

I’m bawling my eyes out over here, because our youngest is graduating from 5th grade today. Bittersweet tears as we celebrate him and say goodbye to some outstanding elementary school educators.

You know the caring teachers who go above and beyond and feel like family? Those were the teachers that got us through the long, hard pandemic years with little kids. 

On this last day of teacher appreciation month, I want to give a shout out to three extraordinary Kenyan teachers that go above and beyond for the KGSA girls. 

MEET MUSA, KGSA Deputy Principal

Cha Musa as he’s affectionately called has been teaching Swahili at KGSA since 2007. If you pass by his classrooms, you hear the girls chattering away discussing poems, songs and literature. He brings his infectious joy to each class and you can hear his laugh across the courtyard. 

Mr. Musa also advises the Catering Club where the girls cook up delicious treats. During Ramadan, he stays at KGSA into the evening to break fast with the Muslim students. He’s kind and hospitable; an exceptional stand-in father for many of the girls. 

MEET DALIFA, KGSA Chemistry & Math Teacher

Madame Dalifa is an inspiration to her students. KGSA was her only opportunity to study high school and it changed her life. After graduating from KGSA in 2012, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and has been teaching at KGSA since 2017. Dalifa walks through her classroom to offer kind words to girls who are struggling. The students enjoy her lively competitions working out problems on the board. 

Dalifa also advises the Drama Club, appreciating both viral TikTok dances and traditional performances. She is a role model to the girls demonstrating that you can be a mother, have a career and also pursue higher education. She is currently the first KGSA alumna to pursue a Master’s Degree. 

MEET MOSES, KGSA Biology & Chemistry Teacher

Mr. Moses brings science to life in his classroom. He looks for hands-on lessons collecting animal bones or a plant to instruct his students. Moses started the KGSA garden and just launched the new Engineering Club. He is always looking for new ways to engage the girls in STEM. 

Moses can usually be found at his desk with a line of girls waiting for individual support. He is patient, taking the time to explain complex concepts. “That’s good, very good.” His constant affirmation helps the girls believe that they can be good at science and math too, these subjects aren’t just for boys.

The school year is winding down for American kids, but Term Two in Kenya is just getting started. For those of you in the USA, we hope the summer months bring much rest and rejuvenation for teachers, students and parents. 

As always, we will continue to keep you updated on this incredible little school in Kibera making a big impact on 148 Kenyan girls this academic year. Thanks for your continued partnership to educate, inspire and empower girls.