Help us celebrate the KGSA Class of 2023

The Class of 2023 was one of KGSA’s largest. We’re proud to report that all 35 girls passed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam! Your support through the years was essential to their success. 

What’s next? Each girl’s journey will be unique. Three girls qualified for a bachelor’s degree, ten girls can pursue a diploma (associate) program and the rest can apply for vocational training. We celebrate and respect all the different paths these young ladies will choose after finishing high school.

And that’s where you come in. Can you donate today to help us raise $15,000 in scholarships for the Class of 2023? Your generosity will support bright young women like Faulat, Christine and Kasfa who have big dreams. 

Christine wants to build an orphanage in Kibera since she loves volunteering there in her free time. She was a member of the Journalism Club and qualified for a diploma program. She would love to study engineering in the future and become an air hostess aka flight attendant!

Faulat’s dream is to open a restaurant in Kibera and offer employment opportunities in her community. She loves cooking and participated in the Catering Club as a KGSA student. Faulat qualified for vocational training and can’t wait to learn new recipes and chef etiquette.

Your partnership means the world to us. Donate today, so the girls can pursue their college dreams in 2023!