Term One is Done

KGSA celebrated the end of the first academic term with a closing ceremony. The teachers awarded prizes to the top three girls and most improved student from each class. Maize flour, salt, and sugar to share with their families, and notebooks, pens, and candy for the girls to enjoy. 

Afterwards, the “day” students waved goodbye as they walked home. The boarded students anxiously awaited their parents’ arrival looking forward to spending the next month with their families. Most students are staying in Kibera, but some will travel up-country for the nationwide school break. The 100 boarded girls were all checked out within an hour. The dining hall was quiet for the first time in weeks. 

The staff tidied their work areas as the cooks brought out lunch. Yummy sukuma, ugali, beef tips, and soda pop as a special treat. As we ate, the teachers reflected on the term – what went well and what can be improved. All commented on the outstanding KGSA teamwork, grateful for their colleagues. 

I’m always impressed with the dedication of the KGSA staff from the security guards and cooks to the social worker and matron who make this place a home. Teachers who care for the well-being of their students in and out of the classroom. Remember, if you need anything while you’re on break, you have my number. Sadly, domestic violence does occur or a student might need advice on how to handle a disrespectful male.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for girls in Kenya. This is why KGSA is so important, and why the boarding facility is critical. KGSA teaches math and reading but also self-esteem, job skills, and human rights. The four years the girls spend here will impact them for the rest of their lives. They enter 9th grade as timid adolescents and graduate as empowered young women. I see the evolution of each class when I visit.

 Thank you for continuing to support girls in Kibera. As I prepare to travel back to the USA, I am reminded what an honor it is to be welcomed into this special place. It’s a privilege witnessing the impact of your tremendous generosity.