Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Abdul Kassim, Development Specialist

Abdul Kassim is a community organizer, tele-communications engineer, and the Founder and Executive Director of the Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy. Abdul was tired of the gender inequalities that existed in the Kibera slum so he taught girls the game of soccer. He then started the first free-secondary school for his players, after which he started a micro-finance program for their families. His work is not done, and he will not stop advocating for the rights of girls and women within Kibera.

Ryan Sarafolean, Founder and Executive Director

Ryan Sarafolean is an educator, entrepreneur, and musician. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of the KGSA Foundation. He met Abdul in 2006 while studying abroad in Kenya and learned about the inspiring work that Abdul was engaged concerning KGSA and its early stages. Ryan has been awarded the 40 Under 40 Award from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Eli J. Segal Entrepreneur Fellowship, and a 2014 Visionary Award from the Hummingbird Foundation for his work with the KGSA Founda-

Fridah Wanda, Principal

Fridah Wanda is the principal and head-mistress of the Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy. She was born and raised in Kibera and received her degree from the University of Nairobi. Fridah is proud to be involved with KGSA as she knows the challenges that the girl-child faces on a daily basis in Kibera."

Richard Teka, Program Director

Richard Teka is the glue that holds the Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy together. He arrives before the students do, and leaves wellafter the last person has gone home for the day. He manages all programming on the ground, while juggling night classes at the University of Nairobi, and a new family. He is beyond interested in the CIA and every spy show ever created. He has been with KGSA since its inception and holds all of our institutional knowledge. You could say he’s our Central Intelligence Agency."

Ground Support Team

Musa Rashid

Assistant Principal & Kiswahili teacher

Claris Omondi

Math & Geography teacher

Samuel Otieno

Biology & Religious Studies teacher

Amos Munyao

Physics, Math, Chemistry & Agriculture teacher

Byrones Khainga

Soccer Coach (Senior girls team)

Mohammed Sebit

Soccer Coach (U-14 team)

Fridah Muthoni


Mzee Ali

Security Guard

Goodwin Oyinndo


Josephat Mokua