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There is only so much one can learn inside of a classroom, that’s why KGSA has assembled a host of afterschool programs that encourage local, national, and global engagement developing the students’ critical thinking, communication, and entrepreneurial skills. KGSA’s after school programs include a Drama club, Debate club, Science team, Scouting group, and a Journalism program.

KGSA initially started a journalism club as a way to strengthen students’ writing and reading skills, but it turned out to be so much more. The students wanted to turn their club into a company and in 2009 KGSA teamed up with Junior Achievements (JA) to do just that. They formed a board of directors, voted on administrative positions, and formed the Kibera Shedders Inc. magazine company. Today they co-operate an award-winning, international, youth-led magazine called Global Vantage in partnership with Pacific Ridge School and Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, California.

Kibera Shedders is a multimedia business providing employment to graduates interested in a career in journalism. It is run through KGSA and uses film, photography, and story telling to provide power to the voices of Kibera. Kibera Shedders Inc. shoots weddings, birthday parties, and community and business events in and around Nairobi, Kenya. To hire Kibera Shedders Inc. at your next event, contact us at

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