Financial Literacy & Microfinance

“It is not enough to provide our girls with just an education.What we need is to provide a holistic approach to poverty and help their own households and families become more stable so that they go home to successful homes”

-Abdul Kassim, Founder of the Kibera GirlsSoccer Academy "

Financial Literacy and Microfinance

According to a UNICEF census report, more than 5.6 million adults in Kenya are illiterate. Financial literacy is a critical step to overcoming poverty, which is why KGSA offers adult financial literacy courses to all students’ families. In addition, they also facilitate several different Village Savings and Loan Association groups (VSLA), which is a group of people who save together and take small loans from the collective savings. Lastly, KGSA provides entrepreneurial training and business courses for families and graduates who are interested in starting their own business and have trouble accessing credit. Each participant’s business idea is run through several different tests to identify its feasibility, profitability, and sustainability. If it passes, the individual isawarded the necessary start up capital.