Empowering Kenya's
Leaders of the future

The Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy (KGSA) provides a rigorous, free secondary education toover 130 girls annually. Making the highest impact possible, KGSA admits its students after all surrounding schools have filled their quota, targeting the most at-risk while transforming the next generation of leaders.

By providing the students with small class sizes, a strong curriculum, and remarkable teachers, KGSA graduates are moving into two-year degree programs, four-year universities, and have gone on to establish their own businesses.


Abdul saw each staffing position at KGSA as a way to provide employment forKibera residents. He wanted to surround the girls at KGSA with positive role models who also shared in their lived experience. Abdul found community members interested in teaching and provided them with university scholarships to obtain a teaching degree. Not only or KGSA teachers qualified to teach, but they are sympathetic to the students’ daily challenges and provide emotional support and guidance. Because of this approach, KGSA has become more than a school, it is a family that goes above and beyond to ensure that each student succeeds.!