Become a Champion

Become a Champion

We know that not everyone is in a financial position to make a large contribution in support of the incredible work happening in Kibera. That’s why we’ve created an online fundraising tool that can be used by anyone! Become a KGSA Champion and help provide a safe and supportive learning environment for KGSA students. All you have to do is create a profile, set a goal, and start fundraising!

Where will the money raised go?

Each and every dollar you raise will go directly to the Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy and their running costs. These important costs include teacher trainings and salaries, daily meals to keep our students healthy, uniforms, school supplies for each student, financial literacy classes, micro-finance programming, after school clubs, and post secondary scholarships.


Total Cost

Staff Salaries (administration, teachers, cooks, security, coaches)


School Operations (medical, registration & examination fees, field-trips, clubs, micro-finance) 


Meal Program (Breakfast & Lunch for 130 students and 20 staff)


Scholarships (Post graduation support)