How It All Works

Classroom Connections

Classroom Connections is our way of ensuring that KGSA supporters are able to form meaningful relationships with the Kibera community. Each year KGSA takes in 30 new girls who are excited for an education, for an opportunity to perform in a drama club, for a chance to play soccer.  We are looking for 30 committed supporters each year to share in that excitement and connect with the incoming freshman class and support their efforts through graduation. Create a fundraising page and pledge to raise or donate (or a combination of the both) $750/year.  In return you’ll receive videos, stories, letters, photographs, and emails from students in that class updating you on their continued success!

How it all works

Each of the 30 supporters will commit to donating or fundraising (or a combination of the both) a total of $750 a year to the KGSA Foundation. You’ll be given a personal online fundraising platform which you can then send to your family and friends to help gain support.

” In return, every two months the Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy will send you an update on the class and its students. That may be a recap of a field trip that they took that was written by a student, or a video that takes you into the students’ homes, or a photo gallery of a recent soccer match, a drama club performance, or community event in Kibera. Through these interactions, we hope that our supporters can develop a more meaningful connection with Kibera, the school, and why this work is necessary

What exactly does this fund

We can guarantee you that 100% of each dollar you raise or donate will go directly to the Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy and their running costs. Luckily for us at the KGSA Foundation, we have supporters who fund our operational costs. The money you raise would go directly to: teacher trainings and salaries, daily meals to keep our students healthy, uniforms, school supplies for each student, financial literacy classes, micro-finance programming, after school clubs, and post secondary scholarships.

” Below is the complete budget for what it costs to educate 30 girls at the Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy per year.